About Me

I grew up not being too particular about music; but I do sing. I believe music flows in everyone. Though some people are easily encouraged by how beautifully they sound, some others are not. For me, I never really bugged myself, I gave what I could. I encouraged myself to accept what I had, and not be intimidated or ashamed of it.

Though few people mocked me for not being a good singer being a girl, I just ignored them. Still there were the few who felt I wasn’t bad. But now I wonder about that. However, I wasn’t in the singing groups; I wasn’t interested. Really, I wasn’t interested. But that doesn't imply a dislike for music; rather it just was never a primary desire. I had my focus on other things - like writing. But now I think that might have affected my voice somehow (back then); as it wasn’t frequently in use ‘musically’.

I joined the choir eventually in the year 2000. That was because I changed church, and the new church’s system was different. After much contemplation, I chose the choir.

After joining the choir I began to see that I had many vocal flaws. I told myself I needed to work on them. I spoke with a friend; he concurred and asked that I took a voice training class which I did.

The training didn’t do any magic, but I began to make progress musically at least. I continued to train even when I couldn’t afford to pay for lessons; I trained myself through the knowledge acquired over time and by intuition. That was how I got far in music.

Now, I am gradually building a musical career. My music is secular, but uplifting.

Updated August 18th, 2017.
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